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Part Nr.: #107015
Category: Race Equipment > Tyre heater

Xceed Tyre Heater #107015 Professional Tyre heater for the demanding touringcar racer. Fully programmable. Easy menu. Strong. Light.

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Input voltage: DC 7.2V ~ 15.0V
Quick warming (20~100℃)
3 step warming
Lap timer / Timer
Programmable timer / PC interface
Celsius-Fahrenheit selectable display   
8 different beep tones / 10 melody
Front & Rear temperature can be set independently
Temperature of 4 tires is controlled by IC
Includes 4 alu cups / cables for TC tyres
Wireless action by battery pack (option)
USB-connector to pc

The TH-2 Tyre Heater case is made out of strong anodised lightweight aluminium, green / black colored.

The easy to use menu is accessed through the padded buttons on the front and the clear screen.

The covered aluminium tyre cups connect easily to the main case with a socket on each side.

The USB connector can be used to connect the TH-2 to your pc, for temperature read outs.

The set includes 2 foam pads to be applied to the top of the case, to be able to rest your car on the case without damage.

The TH-2 connects to your power-supply with the included cables with high quality connectors.